Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nature's a Mother

Things were going so well. The weather was slowly improving. We were getting days where the sun would actually show its face. Where people didn't need to bundle up and hide from the elements.

Then I wake up this morning and look outside… Oh… My… God…
The hell is that white stuff falling from the sky? Snow? Really? Mother Nature just had to taunt us with some nicer weather, before giving us a kick to the boonies and having a laugh at our expense.

So it looks like we'll be putting up with some car cleaning, driveway shovelling, gloves and toque weather for the next little while.

Now, having lived most of my life in Canada, I honestly don't mind the cold all that much. And I do think that snow is beautiful. Of course, I'd find it more so if snow was warm. I'm just tired of winter. I thought it was finally over. That little groundhog had given us a thumbs up. Looks like the little bugger needs to have an unpleasant encounter with the local alley cats.

But as annoying as the weather might be, the worst part about today is the idiots. We put up with months of snow and horrible weather. Hell, we're Canadians, driving in the snow should be second nature to us. So why is it that everyone suddenly forgot how to drive? People putting along at 5 kilometres an hour in an 80 zone. Morons who are stopped in the right turn lane, even though there's not a car coming for some time… because they're obviously too afraid to make that big, scary turn.

Road rage is a bad thing. But if you have a sudden urge to drag these idiots out of their car and beat them with a sack of oranges, I think I'd be cheering you on.
There's a huge difference between driving safely, which is always advisable. And driving like a complete drooling moron who has no business ever being behind a steering wheel.

If you're going out on the roads today, yes, be cautious. But for everyone's sake, don't be stupid.