Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sony owns up to security problems...

Sony admits utter PSN failure
So Sony has gotten around to admitting that they've been hacked, and that the account info of PSN users might be at risk. Naturally, this is a huge issue. Personally, I've already changed my passwords, and gotten a new credit card ordered, just in case. It's highly unlikely that my information will be used, especially considering I'm only one out of 75 million accounts, but better safe than sorry.

The thing is, while it is a shame that Sony's security has been breached, all the hate seems directed at them. Why is none of it being placed where it belongs, on the hackers themselves?

If your bank gets robbed, is it the bank's fault? Or that of the robbers?
There's a reason the robbers get charged and the bank does not.

Sony's not at fault in this case. Yes, they could use better security, but you never know how effective your security is until it's tested. The criminals here are the hackers who have violated not only Sony's servers, but your personal information. People cry out for lawsuits against Sony... where are those calling for the lynching of the hackers who have decided that you don't deserve to keep your information private?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sheridan needs to teach Roadwork 101

What a surprise. I drive in to school this morning, and see that they've finally filled in those huge potholes in the parking lot. That's great!
There is a slight problem though... they filled the holes up with asphalt, but didn't compress it. Part of how the process works, is that after you lay down the asphalt, you need to use something like a steamroller to compress it down. Otherwise, all you have is a pile of black oatmeal which crumbles apart.
I could already see that a couple of the holes have been mostly emptied by people driving over them. They're going to need to get those redone at some point. Hopefully correctly this time.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A sign of the season...

Birds are in the air, the sun's shining brightly, and big, noisy trucks block most of the main roads. Winter has passed, and Canada's other season has arrived... construction. Oh joy.

We go from having trouble getting around because of snow and bad weather, to having roads reduced to one lane by the crews "working"to improve our roads. Driving to school this morning, Trafalgar road is down to just the one lane, which naturally causes no end of problems for that early morning rush, and the trip home.

I suppose it wouldn't be too bad, if we saw the construction crew hard at work. But for some reason, it seems every time I'm driving by, all I see is a group of guys sitting around chatting and eating. The construction on the road actually started last year, but I've yet to see anyone actually "working".

Friday, April 1, 2011

The lesser of two evils?

So an interesting question came up with my table in class today.
Everyone knows that Buckley's medicine tastes horrible (but it works!).
So the question is… which would be a better, a spoon-full of horrid medicine… or a suppository?

The table was undecided. There are benefits to both of course.
Many people aren't too keen on something going up the rear entrance. But then, does that outweigh that dreaded taste?

Something to ponder.