Thursday, November 24, 2011

Steam is evil. EVIL!!!

Okay, so maybe Steam is an amazing platform. A great way to get games online. I have more money in games on Steam than I'd like to admit. An ever growing collection of over 300 games now.

Steam runs silently in the background, taking practically not processing power. Which is great, as there are other similar programs that eat up so many resources, it hinders the games you're trying to play through them.

And Steam has amazing deals on games. You'll see daily deals, weekend sales, and other events where games are being sold for 50 per cent off or more. And this is where the true evil nature of the system appears. Why? Because I have no self control!!! And admit it, if you see a $30-50 game no sale for $5, can you honestly say you're not tempted to pick it up based on that price? You never know when you'll be able to find it that cheap again. And even if it's not a game you "must" have, if it's something that you've looked at and thought "Maybe, if it was cheaper"... well, now it is.

Steam's currently having an Autumn Sale. From November 23 to 27, most titles are on sale for about 50 per cent off, with bigger deals on select items each day.

I've already spent far more money than I had planned on this sale. As have my friends. Yesterday alone my gaming library has expanded by about 20 games or so.

Evil! Evil I say!!!
Though admittedly I'm still waiting to see what special deals they have today.