Thursday, April 14, 2011

A sign of the season...

Birds are in the air, the sun's shining brightly, and big, noisy trucks block most of the main roads. Winter has passed, and Canada's other season has arrived... construction. Oh joy.

We go from having trouble getting around because of snow and bad weather, to having roads reduced to one lane by the crews "working"to improve our roads. Driving to school this morning, Trafalgar road is down to just the one lane, which naturally causes no end of problems for that early morning rush, and the trip home.

I suppose it wouldn't be too bad, if we saw the construction crew hard at work. But for some reason, it seems every time I'm driving by, all I see is a group of guys sitting around chatting and eating. The construction on the road actually started last year, but I've yet to see anyone actually "working".

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