Monday, January 17, 2011

Season of the Witch

So I have just returned home after watching Season of the Witch. I found it odd, that this evening, I was one of THREE people who were in the theatre for the film. Usually that's the sign of a bad movie, considering it's just recently come out. Just as when my friend and I went to see Electra on opening day... and were the only two in the theatre.

Well, being a Nicholas Cage film, the odds were about 50/50. He makes a lot of movies, in fact, there was a trailer for his next movie showing before this one. Few actors can pump out movies like a Hollywood PEZ dispenser. With the number of films he makes, some are good, some are bad.
This time... it was definitely a good movie.

The movie was very well done. They did a great job of giving the characters enough of a past to make you feel for them, without flooding you with useless information that doesn't apply to the story. Plus Cage and Ron Pearlman did a wonderful job playing up their characters. I could honestly picture those two hanging out at a bar with mead and wenches. Admittedly Pearlman's character was pretty much like all the characters he plays. The rough, grumbling semi-hero, which he always does so well.

The main story involves two crusaders who are tasked with transporting a witch for trial, to try and stop a plague. It does a wonderful job of making you wonder just who is the real villain. And gives you plenty of action and suspense. Plus a lot of dealing with the demons of the past. Really brings out the humanity of the characters.

I highly recommend this movie. It was a great watch for me... and I'll definitely be grabbing the Blu-Ray once it's out. Two thumbs way up.

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