Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why mess with something that works?

So I watched the premier of the Muse version of Being Human.

Now, I've watched the original series that was released by the BBC. It was an incredible show. The characters were amazingly well done, the actors did an incredible job, the show had a gritty reality to it, while still bringing forth the humanity of the characters (even monsters have feelings and deal with life problems). There was a humor to the show in the manner that you'd find when hanging out with friends, or dealing with people in real life. None of the slapstick or silliness, but something realistic.

Sadly, the new version of Being Human, cast with North American actors, seems to take that great show, and make it more "mainstream". There's a silliness to the show. The characters seem a lot more exaggerated. The plot itself is essentially the same, though it feels a little more rushed. Feels like they're focusing more on some aspects which would play up ratings, instead of aspects that built the story in the original show.

Honestly, I don't see why a remake was needed. The original came out just last year, and now they've already remade it. But the remake seems more of a lower quality imitation, instead of a true retelling of the original. And in the end, it simply wasn't needed. Are the UK accents too much for Americans to follow? Was it really necessary to "localize" a show that is universal? Sometimes, companies need to know when to leave well enough alone.

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