Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What is the one thing you learned in your time at Sheridan that you will never forget?

I've learned that it's not the subject but the teacher.

Some of our teachers made the course a real joy to experience. Classes were fun, interactive, and we learned a lot beyond just memorizing things. Meanwhile there were some who just made their classes a bore, you'd show up and just be waiting for the class to end.

Alison was awesome, and not just cause I got an A in her Writing for Magazines class for getting published. ;)

But I took two electives, Japanese Culture and Spanish Culture. Both class basically had the same focus (simply on different countries). The course outline was the same for both. However the Japanese class was great fun. We learned some of the language, learned customs and manners, and had a wonderfully interactive class. Spanish however was boring and bland. We watched poorly done videos which didn't explain much, and had to use a "textbook" that was more of a colouring book.

The Japanese class gave me great lessons and I learned a lot. The Spanish class... not so much. We didn't even learn any actual Spanish, which was surprising.

It all comes down to the teachers. Learning has a lot to do with how the information's presented, not just what it contains.

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  1. That's a good take on it. We're always trying and learning too. I'm glad you got something out of your experience. Good luck at the new job - I'm pleased that I can point to at least one person who landed his dream job right out of school!